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Enjoy unlimited data at home 
Until 30 June 2020, we're providing unlimited data for our personal and small business customers with home broadband plans (ADSL, nbn and cable). You don't need to do anything. The data will be provided automatically, at no extra charge. Our FairPlay Policy applies.
Register for extra mobile data
All our personal and small business post-paid mobile and mobile broadband customers can register for an extra 25GB of data at no extra charge - to use in Australia within 30 days if they register by 30 June 2020.
Register your details below to get extra data. Once you've registered, you'll get an SMS within 48 hours to let you know when your data has been applied. Mobile broadband customers and ineligible phone numbers won't receive an SMS.
The data will expire after 30 days but you can apply for another 25GB of data up until 30 June 2020. Remember to use the same details as they appear on your bill.

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Mobile services registering for additional data:
Things you need to know
Mobile/Mobile broadband offer: Data applied within 48 hours of request and expires 30 days after bestowal. Register via Telstra 24x7/My Telstra Apps before 30 June 2020.