Telstra GO Repeater Purchase Request Form

The form below can be used for all eligible customers under the State Government Mobile Extension Device Pilot Program.

Please note that this form relates to Telstra GO Repeater purchase requests only. 

For General Enquiries not related to the Telstra GO Repeater device, please call 132200 or contact us through the 
MyTelstra app ( The My Telstra app - Making it easy)
Submitting this form will activate a Telstra Partner team member to contact you and qualify the suitability of a Telstra GO Repeater at your location, prior to installation of the device.
It is recommended that Telstra GO Repeaters are professionally installed. Costs below do not included install costs. Telstra GO Repeater - $816 TGO Repeater Yagi Antenna Bundle (Building) - $1176 TGO Repeater Panel Antenna Bundle (Building) - $1080 Telstra Go G41 Stationary Repeater - $1,392 Telstra Go G41 Stationary Repeater Bundle - $1,992
Installation or (if required) site visit costs vary between depending on your location and the complexity of the installation.

All fields are required unless specified (optional)